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Global Agent

Start your business with us, start the double-win future!

We have more than 100 local agents in the world now, include Spain, Korea, Russia, South Africa, HongKong, .etc.

And we are keeping improve this amount, warmly welcome to join us to be an agent.

Welcome to Join Us

We are warmly welcome to join us to be one of our global subsidiaries & joint ventures.

We are the official authorized channel of Xiaomi, our advantage is the fastest internal Xiaomi company information, we have established a strategic partnership with Xiaomi Eco-Chain Company.

We are the first brand of Xiaomi's products export and share internal information with Xiaomi Cooperation Company.

If you get our resources to support, we will help you to become the biggest local Xiaomi product seller, and share the company's internal information with you at the same time, so that you can get the most valuable information in the first time and prepare the future product layout in advance. Keep the fastest in the competition.

The market is always changing, the stronger always control the industry information, you only have grasp the fastest industry information, then you can jump to the front and become real stronger. Otherwise, you will always follow the market changes, then you will be very tired, and can be crowded out by the stronger at any time.

We sincerely invite you to cooperate with us. Maybe you are the strong person we have been looking for. We hope to establish a joint venture with you.

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